Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Jackie Kennedy With Jack, Younger, Short Curly Hair, Misc. Archive (1953-1957)

I don't know which archive to put these in. 
They are miscellaneous, for now. More to add.

It took me forever to figure out the dates for some of these.

A lot of photos similar to the first half of these can be found in my "Hyannis Port...", "Sailing...", "Engagement", and "Honeymoon" posts, etc, and ones similar to the second half of these photos can be found in my "Campaign, Shorter Hair..." post.

Don't trust all of the dates I've written
some could be inaccurate.

February 20, 1953 
(From their first date, at a carnival!)

Mar 1953

(this one is different from the above two, 
but I can't find a better quality version of it.)

circa 1953


There it is!

(Woow the quality!)

circa 1953 (or earlier???)

circa May 1953

circa summer-autumn 1953

1952, 1953 or Summer 1955

October 1, 1953



Sept 3, 1953

Sept-Dec 1953

circa Nov - Dec 1953, or early 1954

circa Nov - Dec 1953 or early 1954

Oct 1953

Jan 6, 1954

Feb 14, 1954

March 9, 1954

Mar 9, 1954

circa early 1954 
(note her crescent pin, 
which was worn on their alleged first date)

All sources say 1958, but look at this! 
Total early 1954!!

circa early 1954?

circa 1954

Early 1954?


Allegedly 1954... hard to see which 
hair style Jackie has... looks like mid '54 to me...

Oct 1954

Oct 22, 1954

Dec 21, 1954

Dec 21, 1954

Dec 21, 1954

Websites are telling me these are from 1958, 
but I feel like they're from early 1955... 
I mean, Jackie's hairstyle in these photos look exactly 
like they do in December 1954 pictures of her...

circa 1955

Mar 1, 1955

Mar 1, 1955

Palm Beach, Florida circa Mar 1955

circa 1955-1958

June 10, 1955

Nov 18, 1955

July 1957


July 1957




(I am extremely frustrated by this post. I just spend the past 6 hours working on this and rearranging everything and editing all the captions because something was wrong with the format and the pictures were attached to each other and getting deleted. I had to remove all the captions and add them below the picture instead. It was harder than it sounds. I'm glad that's over. I won't be using captions from now on. OH MY GOODNESS IT JUST DELETED A WHOLE BUNCH OF THE IMAGES ARE YOU KIDDING ME I AM SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW NOW I HAVE TO GO AND TRY TO FIND THE IMAGES AND FIND THEIR DATES AGAIN DEAR GOODNESS WHY ME. I am not even joking. Apparently around 30 images are now gone. THAT IS JUST WONDERFUL. I'm not the angry type, but this is just unfair.)